Ultra-Spill Deck® Flexible Model


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Low profile, low-cost spill containment helps meet regulations—takes up minimal storage/shipping space

The challenge with traditional spill containment is that it’s big and bulky.  It has to be in order to have the containment capacity for a 55-gallon drum.  At least it does if you want to meet the EPA regulations.  But big and bulky doesn’t bode well when it comes to shipping and storage.

That’s why we came up with a flexible version of our very popular Ultra-Spill Decks.  By replacing the rigid, polyethylene sump used with our standard spill decks with a rugged PVC fabric, we can drastically reduce the unassembled size of the unit, making it much easier (and cheaper) to store, transport and ship.

But that’s really where the changes end.  Once the Ultra-Spill Deck Flexible Models have been assembled, they function the same way as the standard, hard-walled versions.  Simply place your 55-gallon drums on top of the grating and if there should be a leak, it will be captured in the PVC sump.

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