Ultra-Spill Deck® Fluorinated Model


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Use fluorinated spill decks with chlorinated solvents and other aggressive chemicals that may not be compatible with standard polyethylene

The chemical compatibility of our standard spill decks and spill deck bladder systems is very good and usually sufficient for most spill containment applications.  But there are times when there is a need for secondary containment of more aggressive chemicals and the standard polyethylene material in our spill decks is not enough.  For those special applications, we start with a different color resin (light blue) to quickly and easily identify the product.  It is then treated with fluorine gas in a surface modification process known as fluoridation.

This process modifies the material on a molecular level to allow for a higher level of chemical compatibility.  (NOTE:  Please contact us for compatibility information for your specific application.  While it can be generally stated that fluorinated polyethylene provides a higher level of chemical compatibility, there are some exceptions to that rule).

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