Wagner GM 4700AC AirCoat Handheld Air Assist Airless Spray Gun (Gun Only)


Wagner GM 4700AC AirCoat Handheld Air Assist Airless Spray Gun (Gun Only)

AirCoat Manual Spray Gun - A level Above the "GOLD" standard in Finishing! 

Manufacturer: Wagner
Part Number: 2313585

Description: Light AirCoat manual gun with excellent ergonomics for all hands even larger hands. 

Air Cap Types: Blue High Viscosity or Red Low Volume (Shown in Pictures)

5 reasons you should buy this gun over any other Airmix or Air Assisted Airless (AAA) on the market:

1. Highest Transfer Efficiency for Air Assisted Airless guns!  Testing has shown this gun to have a higher TE at sites and independent test results have shown this to have the highest non-electrostatic TE vs other manual guns in class. 

2. Aircoat Tips are reversible for easy purging. Tips are less than other name brands! 

3. The Fluid Filter is 5x the length of other gun filters in class and uses a tool-free design to remove the filter.

4. No wearing O-rings and seals under the air-cap!  No expensive tip seals and o-rings to constantly maintain. The hardened plastic seals last and are $6.00 Ea or $9.00 Ea to replace. Making the cost to maintain this gun very inexpensive. 

5. GM4700 comes with Fluid Swivel and Air Hose Swivel standard. Making this more ergonomically than other AAA Guns. 

Note: Fluid nozzle and air cap must be ordered separately.

GM4700 Specifications:
Fluid Inlet: NPSM 1/4“
Compressed Air Connection: G 1/4“
Max. Material Pressure: 250 bar, 3626 PSI
Max. Material Temperature: 55 °C, 131 °F
Max. Air Inlet Pressure: 8 bar, 116 PSI
Operating Temperature Range: 5 – 40 °C, 41 – 104 °F
Weight: 0.6 kg, 1.3 lb
Max. Sound Level: 82 dB(A)
Length: 173 mm, 6.8 in
Height: 216 mm, 8.5 in


Accessory & Replacement Part List:

  • Wagner Seal tip 394338
  • Wagner Nozzle Gasket 394339
  • GM4700 Air Assist Tip 379xxx
  • GM4700 PLUS Air Assist Tip 321xxx
  • GM4700 Cage Filter 23157xx
  • Wagner GM4700 Service Kit 394941
  • Wagner LV Plus RED Air Cap for GM4700 AC Gun 2313494
  • Wagner HV Plus BLUE Air Cap for GM4700 AC Gun 2313497
  • Wagner Air Tappet, Complete for GM 4700AC Air Assist Airless Spray Gun 394924
  • Wagner Gasket for GM 4700AC Air Assist Airless Spray Gun 394257

Manual Aircoat Spray Guns - Brochure

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