Wagner High Pressure Filter, Stainless Steel Ball Valve



Wagner High-Pressure Filter, Stainless Steel Ball Valve for IceBreaker Series up to 40-150 Piston Pumps 

Manufacturer: Wagner

Part Number:
          2330156 - Stainless Steel Ball Valve
          9998679 - Carbon Steel Ball Valve (call to order)

Description:  High-Pressure stainless steel ball valve 

Fits the following IceBreaker Outfits:

  • 2393649 Wildcat Cart Mount
  • 2393651 Wildcat Wall Mount
  • 2393653 Puma Cart Mount
  • 2393655 Puma Wall Mount
  • 2393657 Leopard Cart Mount
  • 2393658 Leopard Wall Mount

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