Walcom Thermodry Compressed Air Filtration System - TD3 Pro Unit


Four Stage Compressed Air Filtration with Heating System

Manufacturer: Walcom

Part #: 60151/USA

Description: Walcom TD3 PRO is a professional cabin-booth-integrated, air conditioning and thermoregulation system to treat normal mains compressed air to obtain the most suitable characteristics for painting. Includes 36ft. IPH hose.

4-Stage Filtration + Heating Element:

  1. 25 micron filtering element with condensation centrifuge separator and automatic condensation drain.
  2. Coalescent de-greaser filter with 0.01 micron mesh and manual oil drain.
  3. Silica gel drying element.
  4. Active carbon filtering element.
  5. Heating element


  • Power: 220-240 Vac 50-60 Hz vers. 230 V - 100-130 Vac 50-60 Hz vers.115 V
  • Maximum power: 3000 W
  • Insulation: grounded metallic parts TD1 PRO control and setting display on/off switch fault signaller PID electronic control panel pressure gauge heater element
  • Power adjustment system: TRIAC driven by electronic controller with built-in PID algorithm based on the thermocouple in the heater
  • Maximum temperature control system on the resistances: TRIAC driven by thermocouple near the resistances; safety thermostat
  • Electrical protections: 16A fuse, 500 mA, 6.3A for vers 230 V - 1A and 8A for vers 115 V
  • Regeneration duration: Max 4 h.
  • Admitted temperature field: from 19° to 70°C - from 66°F to 158°F
  • Maximum input pressure: 8 bar/116 PSI
  • Maximum flow: >1200 l/min @ 6 bar - > 42,37 cfm@87 PSI
  • Air purification: - first condensation separator stage with 25 micron mesh filter; automatic “heavy duty” condensation drain;- second coalescent de-greaser stage with 0,01 micron mesh filter; 99,99999% solid particle retention efficiency; <0.01 mg/m3 maximum oil residue; manual oily condensate drain;- absorption dryer third stage with silica gel: <1.2% residual humidity; < -30°C dp - < -22°F dp output air dew point temperature;- active carbon fourth stage for gaseous pollutant removal such as oily fumes, hydrocarbons and odours; <0.003 mg/m3 maximum oil residue; generates breathable air.
  • Working pressure regulation: membrane pressure regulator with pressure gauge downstream from filtering elements.

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