How important is it to keep a spray booth clean?

How important is it to keep a spray booth clean?

January 26, 2023

How important is it to keep a spray booth clean?

Keeping your spray booths clean is extremely important. Improper care can cost thousands in repairs. Dust and debris landing on your project can cost you the job.

What should I do to keep my spray booth clean?

  1. Conduct routine spray booth checks.
  2. Clean the booth frequently and apply a peel-able booth coat on all the surfaces of the booth. You can get booth coating in white and clear. White is best for the walls to provide a better light reflectance while clear may be applied to lights and glass.
    1. The peel-able booth coating is also available for powder coated and galvanized surfaces.  It is important to use the correct coating for your spray booth so that it will stick and peel correctly. 
    2. Use flame proof paper for the floor of your spray booth.  This is available in white and brown.  The white increases the light reflectance of the booth.  
    3. You can also use a clear protective light film on glass light fixtures for booths that get more overspray on the lights.
  3. Be sure to change filters based on your manometer reading and not just when they look dirty. You could be throwing away money by replacing filters that are designed to last much longer.
  4. Tighten the belts and grease the bearings on your fans. Hear a squeak when you start up or shut down? You need to check the bearing and the belt tension! These items wear and could cause issues in the future if they're not fixed.
  5. Replace dirty sprinkler head bags to ensure your sprinklers will work if needed.
  6. Watch out for moisture in your booths. Check your compressed air lines for moisture! Get a good air filtration system at the booth. We recommend the DAD-500 from Devilbiss, which includes water, oil, and desiccant filters in one.

Reduce contamination

If your spray booth has doors, keep them closed to mitigate dust and debris from entering. TFS stocks replacement door gaskets and door sweeps to keep your booth as good as new. If you can see daylight under the doors when closed, your sweeps need to be adjusted or replaced.

How often should I conduct routine checks?

We recommend the industry standards.
Daily: You should check your booth pressure. If you have doors, check the seals for wear and tear. Log your manometer settings with start and stop points daily.
Weekly: Check pressure gauges. Look at the fans and duct work to make sure they are not damaged.
Monthly: Test for leaks from the booth and ductwork by using a smoke generator. The smoke will be visible if there is any damage.
Yearly: Do a very thorough check of the booth, filters, ductwork, fans, etc.

Conducting these checks can save you time and money.

How long can a spray booth last?

A properly maintained spray booth can last 20+ years! Adding upgrades can make it last even longer.

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