What are the benefits of a solvent recycler? Do I need one?

What are the benefits of a solvent recycler?  Do I need one?

January 17, 2023

What are the benefits of a solvent recycler? Do I need one?

If you purchase and work with a lot of solvents, you should definitely consider purchasing a solvent recycler. A solvent recycler can recoup as much as 97% of solvents you put in it. This makes the return on investment quite easy for a lot of customers, considering, if you will, the cost of acetone is $8.00/gal and the average cost of waste is $7.00/gal at the time of this blog. The average recycler is approximately $9,000.00 (at the time of this blog). By the time you add the cost of new solvent then divide by waste, it's a pretty fast ROI. You will have paid for a solvent recycler in about 600 gallons or just over 10 drums of solvent!

What is a solvent recycler?

A solvent recycler is a distillation machine that cleans contaminated solvents so that solvents can be reclaimed and reused. Recycling saves money on the amount of solvents you purchase and reduces the cost to dispose of solvents.

What does a solvent recycler do?

Solvent recyclers remove debris and other unwanted materials from used cleaning solvent through a distillation process. The solvent is boiled to a vapor, then condensed back into a liquid, leaving the contaminant behind in the tank or still bag for disposal. The cooled condensed solvent turns back into a liquid and is ready for reuse. Watch this video to see how a solvent recycler works.

What are the benefits of a solvent recycler?

  • Reduce hazardous waste disposal
    • Reducing hazardous waste is an environmentally sound practice that lowers your environmental exposure.
  • Reduce solvent purchases by up to 90%
    • Avoid the rising prices of solvents by lessening the number of times you purchase them.
  • Reduce liability exposure
    • You can reduce costs as well as possibly lower your generator status.
  • Save time and money
    • By purchasing a solvent recycler, you don't have to pay for a service to pick up your waste.

What solvent recycling or disposal methods are available?

You can pay a waste management company to dispose of your solvents or recycle the solvents yourself. Recycling the solvent yourself is easy. Put a solvent recycler bag in the recycler, pour or pump in your waste solvent and push the start button. In 4-5 hours, you'll have pure, clean, recycled solvent back in the bucket ready to use. The small amount of solid waste will be in the liner bag, which you can typically dispose of as hazardous waste or in a landfill if it is dried to a solid cake (depending on your local regulations).

What types of solvents are recyclable?

All types of solvents from mineral spirts to acetone are recyclable. What you put in is what you get out. If you put in only acetone, you will get acetone back. If you put in a mixture of solvents, you'll get a mixture of solvents back.

Which size recycler is best for my business?

Total Finishing SUPPLIES stocks four different sizes - three (3), six (6), 17.5, and 55-gallon capacity recyclers. Each model will reclaim its capacity in 4-5 hours. We can advise you on the right size for your business, and if we do not have what you need in stock, we can contact our suppliers.


Can I afford a solvent recycler?

With lease payments as low as $150 per month on a solvent recycler the ROI is HUGE!  Contact us for a quote or with any questions.  We also having financing options available.  Use our new finance payment calculator to figure out your monthly payment.  We will be happy to work with you to get the right recycler for your business.

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