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Building Mighty Damn Good equipment is not just something we say, it's been our mission since 1971. It’s what sets us apart from our competition. Our equipment is built to withstand demanding work conditions. When you purchase equipment with the Mi-T-M name on it, you can be sure it has been designed, built and tested by good people. Mighty. Damn. Good. People.

Mi-T-M began manufacturing portable air compressors in 1999 as an extension of the existing industrial and contractor-grade equipment. Sixteen models were first introduced ranging from small electric hand carry 4-gallon air compressor models to gasoline models with a 20-gallon capacity. In 2000, seven more models were added to our line of air compressors, including large capacity 60 and 80-gallon air compressor models.

Today, Mi-T-M manufactures over 30 models of air compressors giving customers a choice from electric or gasoline, single-stage or two-stage, and portable or stationary.

What size of compressor do I need? 

In order to determine what size compressor will meet your requirements, you need to establish how it will be used. For example, if you will be using it to power air tools, then you need to determine the CFM of each tool. There are many applications for air compressors. If you need help deciding which size is best for you, please contact us at 503-545-3176 and we will be happy to assist you.

Air pressure is determined by the highest minimum pressure requirement. For example, some tools consume more air than others. Tools such as pneumatic nail guns and staplers consume smaller amounts of air, while air grinders and sprayers consume larger amounts. Most tools have a usage rating for CFM consumption at a recommended PSI. This can be found on the tool itself or in the owner's manual supplied by the tool manufacturer. Click here to view our Air Equipment Estimating Guide Link to Air Equipment Estimating Guide.

The notation CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) refers to a volume of air produced by the air compressor at a given pressure or PSI (Pound per Square Inch). The right size air compressor will meet your needs in two essential areas: airflow (CFM) and pressure (PSI). It's important to get a compressor that meets your needs in both areas - otherwise, you risk damage to both your tools and the compressor itself. Always use CFM and PSI specifications from the nameplate on the product.

On a single-stage pump, the air is compressed one time and stored in a receiver. A two-stage pump compresses the air twice, once in the first cylinder and then a second time in a smaller cylinder which gives you a higher CFM.

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air compressors

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