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Anest Iwata Pressure Tanks and Pots

Anest Iwata Pressure Tanks and Pots

Pressure pots use compressed air to feed a pressure pot which will force-feed coating to a spray gun. You can use a pressure pot with an HVLP, conventional, or LVMP spray gun. Each type of spray gun has its benefits and drawbacks as well which you can learn more about here.

Pressure pots offer a variety of features and options including multiple regulators, agitation, and even multiple outlets for multiple spray guns. Additionally, pressure pots can be designed to allow for heating of your coating and for other special needs. Compared to an airless paint sprayer, a pressure pot will not supply as high a volume of fluid at a given time. However, a pressure pot will allow for finer control of the volume of paint you are supplying a spray gun, the air pressure you are using to atomize a coating, and the pressure at which you are supplying a coating.

Depending on the spray gun you use with your pressure pot, you can also save significantly on the amount of coating that you will use. If you can use an HVLP or LVMP spray gun with your pressure pot because your material is not too thick you, will be able to use about half as much paint at a given time compared to using an airless paint sprayer. A fluid line from a pressure pot will also typically require less solvent to clean. If you need further guidance on airless paint sprayers vs HVLP spray guns and whether an HVLP will work for you check out this guide.

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