Gravity Cups and Lids

gravity cups and lids

Gravity Cups and Lids

A gravity feed paint cup is a type of container used in spray painting equipment, typically found in airbrushes and spray guns. It is specifically designed to hold and supply paint or other liquid coatings to the spray gun in a controlled manner.

The design of a gravity feed paint cup is distinct from other types of paint cups, such as siphon feed or pressure feed cups. In a gravity feed paint cup, the cup is mounted on top of the spray gun, and the paint flows down into the gun's nozzle due to the force of gravity. The cup is positioned above the nozzle, which allows the paint to feed naturally into the spray gun without the need for additional pressure or suction.

Gravity feed cups are known for their efficiency, as they allow for better control of the paint flow, resulting in reduced overspray and paint wastage.  They operate with lower air pressure compared to other types, which can lead to more precise and delicate paintwork.

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gravity cups and lids

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