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Pressure Pots and Tanks

 Pressure Pots and Pressure Tanks

Need precision control of your paint to your spray gun? Nothing beats the simple, easy, precision of a pressure pot - the standard for supplying air spray paint guns.

Pressure pots, also known as pressure tanks or pressure cups, are designed to maintain a constant pressure of paint used by conventional or HVLP paint sprayers.  They ensure a consistent and even flow of paint, which is ideal when working with viscous or heavy coatings that might clog up a spray gun.

We sell six top brands of pressure pots - Anest Iwata, Binks, C.A. Technologies, SagolaSATA, and Walther Pilot - as well as all the pot liners, air regulators, and accessories that go along with the pressure pots.

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Pressure Pots and Tanks
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