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For the last 25 years, Wagner Enterprise has been a mixer representative for Brawn Mixer out of Holland, Michigan. We have become a leading industrial mixer supplier and manufacturer partner in chemical, automotive paint, food, and pharmaceutical applications. Our knowledge of liquid storage tanks allows us to design the very best product for the mixer application. Mixers range from fractional to more than 100 horsepower, bringing the optimum mixer to the given application. 

Selecting the appropriate mixer for a specific application is a science. For five- to 100,000-gallon liquid storage tanks, the configuration, and items required on the storage tank—such as baffles and mounting apparatuses—are critical for the performance of the mixer to obtain the desired results. Whether your application requires liquid-to-liquid blending, suspension, and homogenous dispersion of solids, or keeping the solids suspended at inconsistent particle size, Wagner has the right mixer for you.

2K Smart

The WAGNER 2K Smart is the ideal solution for achieving the exacting requirements for high-precision mixture ratios and homogeneity, fast paint changes, complex 2K or 3K applications, and complete automation! The 2K Smart offers an almost unlimited number of options for use and for the integration of peripheral devices (e.g. robots, conveyors, or automated lines). Precise measurement and control technology, as well as redundant monitoring systems, guarantee the highest process safety.

  • Simple, flexible, and innovative!
  • Optimal mixing ratio via fully automatic AIS dispensing system
  • Stroke sensor for flow measurement without material contact


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Wagner 2K Smart
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