Total Finishing Supplies' high-pressure couplings are available in carbon or stainless steel. Whether you require male to male nipples, male to female swivel unions, or female to female connectors you can find the right adaptor to get the job done. Each of our couplings will create a high-pressure seal and can be used with your finishing equipment such as airless sprayers, airless spray guns, high-pressure hoses, as well as, air-assisted airless spray equipment.

With our couplings, you can change the configuration with a same size adaptor or connect multiple lengths together. Typically, airless paint sprayers and air-assisted airless paint sprayers come equipped with a high-pressure hose fit with female both ends. If you need to travel a longer distance then the standard length provided, our male to male nipples will allow you to do so by connecting the high-pressure hoses together. In addition, our reducing coupling will allow you to connect different thread dimensions. Therefore, beginning at the pump with the largest ID high-pressure hose you have the ability of reducing down to your smallest ID whip hose safely and effectively.

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