MS Elite Topcoat A5 Automatic Powder Applicator


MS Elite Topcoat A5 Automatic Powder Applicator

Manufacturer: MS Powder

Part Number: 835020

Description: Assembly Topcoat A5 Automatic. The MS A5 Automatic Powder Gun’s lightweight design utilizes the basic MS Topcoat principles to reduce energy consumption in machine, reciprocator or robot mounted applications. The Gun offers uncompromising performance and efficiency. When combined with the MS controller, the Gun produces a class-leading electrostatic charge within the powder stream ensuring high transfer efficiency. The A5 Gun is designed with a minimum number of replacement parts for ease of cleaning and simple maintenance. Extensions and accessories are available.

Controller Features:

  • Touch Screen with intuitive display
  • Pre-selectable standard programs
  • FM Approved
  • Diagnostic functions. Automatic Gun Features
  • High quality finish with less back ionization
  • Compatible with all powders including metallic flake
  • Fast color change
  • Extendable tube & click system