Binks Maple Pump Screws


Binks Maple Pump Screws

Manufacturer: Carlisle Binks

Part Number: Varies

Description: Screws For Binks Maple Pumps

  • 163920 M6 X 30 Long Cap Head Set Screw SS

  • 165528 M4 X 16 Long Cap Head Set Screw SS

  • 165964 Screw

  • 0115-010073 Button Head Cap Screw, M4 X 12

  • 163920 M6 X 30 SS Set Screw

  • 163952 M6 X 21 Hex Cap Screw

  • 165528 M4 X 16 SS Socket Head Cap Screw

  • 165947 M10 X 35 Socket Head Cap Screw

  • 165960 M12 X 40 SS Socket Head Cap Screw

  • 165973 M12 X 45 Grub Screw

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