DeVilbiss DAD500 3-Stage Desiccant Dryer Unit


Manufacturer: DeVilbiss

Part Number: DAD-500


Cleaner, drier air for spray gun systems.

CleanAir Line Filters and Air Control Unit filters out water, oil, and dirt particles to 5 microns.

CleanAir™ Air Line Filters and Air Control Units will improve the quality of all of your paint jobs. Our filters and regulation systems remove dirt, oil, and water from airlines down to .01 micron. The removal of dirt and oil prior to the painting process will help to eliminate the need for redos due to particles in the airline. These units are ideal for low humidity conditions and supply cleaner, drier air to the spray gun in the system.

  • The first stage centrifugal filter removes oil, water, and dirt down to 5 microns
  • The second stage coalescer filter removes oil, water, and dirt down to .01 microns
  • Quick-release bowl guard and spin-off filter element provide quick, one-minute filter changes
  • Maintenance-free operation – features automatic bowl drain


HAF-6 - Water Separator Filter

HAF-505 - Oil Coalescing Filter

DAD-1 - Premium Desiccant

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