DX70R3 Assembled Spray Outfits including Spray Gun


Manufacturer: Carlisle Binks

Part Number: 98-3226, 98-3227, 98-3228, 98-3229


DX70 Spray Outfits include Trophy HVLP Spray Gun(2465-HV1) with 1.0mm, 1.4mm, and 1.8mm Set-Up, A 25' Ergoflex hose, and Fluid Hose.

DX70 Spray Packages

The DX70 is a high specification, air-powered 1:1 ratio double diaphragm pump specifically developed for the direct supply of paints and materials to spray guns. The pump features a unique diaphragm no-crease shape for a long and durable working life DX70 also includes a “built-in” fluid regulator which ensures a constant and virtually pulse-free fluid delivery, for direct feed to spray guns without the expense and complications of an additional fluid regulator or surge chamber.

The Binks DX70 range features bare pumps are assembled pump packages, complete and  “ready to spray” matched with our World-renowned DeVilbiss spray guns. The pump is perfect for use with ALL types of spray gun technologies including, Conventional, Compliant Trans-Tech©, HVLP, LVLP, and low-pressure Electrostatic spray guns.

  • Acetal pump body with stainless steel balls and soft seats for universal paint compatibility including ceramic glaze coatings
  • The unique diaphragm design and “built-in” fluid regulator provide consistent pressure and readily adjustable paint flow
  • The Non-stall air valve provides smooth, quiet, and surges free paint delivery of up to 1000 cc/ minute
  • Clearly labeled Air regulators provide independent control of pump and spray gun fluid and air pressures
  • Quick-release air, a fluid inlet, and outlet connections for faster maintenance
  • Re-circulation/dump valve accessory for faster color changes reducing downtime, saving time and money
  • Pump outfit mountings include Cart, Wall, 25L Pail & Tripod outfits with or without spray guns & hoses
  • Outfits with Fluid filters are available for finer paint finishes


  • Woodworking and Joinery
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Agricultural and Off-Road
  • Potteries and Ceramic Glaze*
  • Trade Coaters and Jobbers
  • Marine Industry
  • Truck and Bus
  • Rail and Transport
  • Plus Many Others

*The standard pump without fluid regulator can also be used on ceramic glaze applications.



  • Solvent and Water Based Paints and Materials
  • Lacquers, Stains, and Varnishes
  • Adhesives and Fillers
  • Ceramics and Glaze*
  • Sealers and Undercoats


Binks Trophy Series Spray Guns

Binks Trophy Series Spray Guns are the premier spray guns for use in pressure, gravity, and suction applications. The lightweight and ergonomic design provide unsurpassed comfort and control. The large selection of fluid nozzles and needle materials means that this versatile gun range can be used on almost any coating application. Available in HVLP, LVMP (Trans-Tech) or CONVentional spray technologies, these guns incorporate the latest advanced atomization technology. Use the Binks Trophy Series Spray guns to achieve a consistently fine finish with a wide range of industrial coatings.


The Binks Trophy Series Spray guns are ideal for a wide variety of materials and viscosities. These versatile guns can be used in all types of industrial applications.

  • Manual and Touch-up Spray Guns – A great finish for every size job and every size part
  • HVLP (Blue), LVMP (Green), and CONVentional (Brown) Technologies – For optimal air cap performance while meeting environmental requirements
  • Pressure, Gravity, and Suction Models – Will meet the needs of all applications
  • Fewer Gun Parts – Reduced maintenance, downtime, and lower running costs
  • Longer Wearing Fluid Components – Reduce the cost of owning and maintaining your Trophy spray guns


Binks has developed a broad selection of spray guns, air caps, and fluid tips to provide users with the right gun with the perfect air cap for the job. The completely new air cap designs provide uniform spray patterns with consistent atomization from top to bottom. Trophy spray guns are available in these Technologies: LVMP (Green) – (Trans-Tech) Provides equal to or greater transfer efficiency at slightly higher air pressures than HVLP CONVENTIONAL (Brown) – For spray applications requiring higher air pressure. Also suitable for viscous material set-ups. HVLP (Blue) – Air pressure is less than 10 PSI at the air cap meets all European and USA standards and regulatory requirements.


Binks Trophy Series Spray Guns feel different by design. They’re lighter and are easier to handle over longer periods of time. That means operators can spray for longer periods with less fatigue and injury. This can make a big difference to productivity and your profitability. That’s why we take ergonomics so seriously.

  • Lightweight – one of the lightest, top-quality spray gun range available.
  • Designed for the hand – our gun designers tested a variety of hand sizes and grips to come up with the ideal design for the Trophy. The form is ultimately about function and reduced stress.
  • Trigger pull – the easy light trigger pull action is created by the unique, built-in stabilization features.
  • No kick air valve – delivers the smoothest pull on the market. Virtually eliminates any recoil from triggering.
  • Knobs and air cap rings – all the hand adjustments have been designed and manufactured to make it virtually effortless to “dial-in” your settings or remove parts for maintenance or substitution.

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