Labor - Mechanical Installation of Spray Booths


TFS techs to install spray booth cabin only, assemble spray booth, and mount light(s), motor, and fan. Anchor spray booth to the existing level floor with concrete bolts. Run customer-supplied airline to the booth. If applicable, install main product doors with latches and door handles. Install seal on doors and floor sweeps.  Install intake and exhaust filters, caulk and seal all panel joins. 

Exhaust ductwork installation is separate.

Electrical installation is separate.

Additional Installation Services Available:

Customer Responsibility:

  1. Gas Line, if required, to be brought to (POC) Point of Connection.
  2. Concrete - This does not include the cost to relocate underground utilities or obstacles if found during excavation for the pit.
  3. The customer must have a level floor.
  4. The customer is responsible for unloading materials, storage, and waste.
  5. Customer to provide all Man Lifts or rental equipment required.
  6. Customer to acquire all required permits.

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