SATAgraph 4 Airbrush


SATAgraph 4 Airbrush

Manufacturer: SATA
Part Number: S004X

Description: The SATAgraph 4 has the best of everything—durability, comfort, dependability and affordability. "In my opinion, the SATAgraph 4 is the best all-around automotive airbrush ever made. German engineered, American made.” ~ Mickey Harris

The SATA super grip trigger has a unique forward cut trigger with cross teeth, giving a comfortable nonslip grip. The crosscut, reversible air cap tip allows air to flow away from the tip when close to the surface, spraying with less turbulence than a standard tip. The nozzle shield is completely reversible, so you can paint with the needle exposed and pick the tip dry just like the pros. This also prevents losing the shield, like with other brands. The Teflon coated trigger and rocker arm create a super smooth trigger pull for better control and durability. The trigger set knob is at the rear of the gun to allow you to set the trigger pull at a certain position to control paint flow.

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Total Finishing Supplies is an authorized SATA Distributor. Beware of sites that claim to offer genuine SATA items. They may not be authorized and you may be buying a fake or an item that won't be covered under SATA's warranty.

Product Benefits:

  • Single piece trigger

  • Single Piece, Teflon Coated Trigger & Rocker Arm

  • Solvent proof O-Rings On Front & Inside Of Air­brush

  • Made In America, German Engineered

  • Competitively priced

  • Simultaneous Air & Material Control Via The Trigger For A Familiar Action

  • Removable Needle Cap To Allow Drawing Finest Lines

  • Highest Precision In Various Fields Of Application

Technical Data:

Inlet Pressure: Variable

Air Consumption: 0.4 CFM

Spray Distance: Variable


SATAgraph 4 B


S004B SATAgraph 4 0.4 Nozzle With 2.5ml Gravity Cup, No Air Hose

S004S SATAgraph 4 0.4 Nozzle With 2.5ml Side Feed Cup, No Air Hose

S004H SATAgraph 4 0.4 Nozzle With 2.5ml Siphon Feed, No Air Hose

(SATAgraph 4 is supplied without hoses and quick coupling nipple. These parts have to be ordered separately. See spare parts list.)

SATAgraph 4 Nozzle Sets


  • S005 0.4

  • S058 0.25 Detail Needle/Nozzle For Even Finer Detail

  • S057 Detail Nozzle Tip

  • S056 0.25 Detail Airbrush Nozzle

  • S054 High Roller Trigger

SATAgraph 4 B/S/H Kit


SATAgraph 4, 3 gun kit includes all three SATAgraph 4 airbrushes, 0.4 nozzle, S004B, S004S, S004H. Also included is (1) S032 3/4oz glass jar with siphon lid, (1) S039 1oz glass cup with side feed lid, (1) S045 6ft braided hose with quick disconnect, (3) Quick Connect plug/fittings, female, (1) foam padded case with handle.

SATAgraph 4 Parts List


  • S001 0.4 Airbrush Needle

  • S002 Nozzle Tip (Fluid Tip)

  • S003 Nozzle Cap (Inner Air Cap)

  • S004 Nozzle Cap Shield (Reversible Outer Air Cap Nozzle Shield)

  • S005 Needle/Nozzle Refurbish Kit (Includes 001, 002, 003, 004)

  • S006 Nozzle Base

  • S007 Nozzle Base O-Ring

  • S008 Nozzle Base Wrench

  • S009 Air Valve Chamber

  • S010 Trigger Valve Stem

  • S011 Trigger Valve Spring

  • S012 Air Valve Seal/O-Ring

  • S013 Air Valve Screw

  • S014 Complete Air Valve Assembly (Includes 009, 010, 011, 012, 013)

  • S015 Inner Seal Screw & O-Ring (Gravity & Side Cup Models)

  • S016 Airbrush Trigger

  • S017 Needle Alignment Tube & Lever Assembly

  • S018 Needle Tube Spring

  • S019 Needle Tension Adjustment Knob

  • S020 Needle Locking Nut

  • S021 Needle Alignment & Adjustment Assembly (017, 018, 019, 020)

  • S022 Siphon Feed Airbrush Body

  • S023 Gravity Feed Airbrush Body

  • S024 Side Feed Airbrush Body

  • S025 Airbrush Handle O-Ring

  • S026 Trigger Stop Set Handle, Red

  • S027 Trigger Stop Set Screw

  • S028 Trigger Stop Set Handle & Screw (Includes 026, 027)

  • S029 Protective Nozzle Cover

  • S030 Metal Siphon Lid, Fits 3/4oz Glass Cup

  • S031 3/4oz Glass Cup With Blind Storage Lid (For S)

  • S032 3/4oz Glass Cup With Metal Siphon Lid (For S)

  • S033 1/4oz Color Cup (Metal Siphon Cup)

  • S034 Side Feed Metal Color Cup

  • S035 Side Feed Inlet Plug, Red

  • S036 Metal Lid For Side & Gravity Feed Color Cups

  • S037 Metal Side Feed Lid For 1oz Glass Cup

  • S038 1oz Glass Cup With Blind Metal Storage Lid

  • S039 1oz Glass Cup With Metal Side Feed Lid

  • S040 6ft Braided Air Hose, 1/8” x 1/4”

  • S041 10ft Braided Air Hose, 1/8” x 1/4”

  • S042 6ft Braided Air Hose With Moisture Trap

  • S043 10ft Braided Air Hose With Moisture Trap

  • S044 In-Line Moisture Trap

  • S045 8ft Quick Disconnect Braided Air Hose

  • S046 Quick Disconnect Plug/Fitting, Female

  • S047 Plastic Siphon Lid, Fits 3/4oz Glass Cup

  • S048 3/4oz Glass Cup With Siphon Lid For (H) Plastic Lid

  • S049 PVC Lid For 1/4oz Metal Siphon Color Cup

  • S050 Quick Disconnect Air Coupling, Male

  • S051 PVC Color Cup Lid For Gravity & Side Cups

  • S054 High Roller Trigger

  • S055 Detail Nozzle Set (Includes 003, 004, 056, 057)

  • S056 0.25 Detail Airbrush Needle

  • S057 Detail Fluid Tip

  • S058 0.25 Detail Needle/Fluid Tip For Even Finer Detail