1/2” Fluid Hose - Black (750 psi) - 500' Reel - Fittings: Not Included


1/2” Fluid Hose - Black (750 psi) - 500' Reel

Manufacturer: C.A. Technologies

Part Number: 53-17-reel

Description:  1/2” ID fluid hose (500 ft reel - no fittings)

 Specifications for Low-Pressure Fluid Hoses:
• Temperature range is 0°F to 190°F
• Tube: Nylon 11 (silicone-free)
• Braided high strength synthetic yarn
• Smooth black synthetic rubber casing (RMA B ORS)
• 750 PSI working pressure


Hose size is I.D., depending on manufacturer the O.D. may differ 

Based on supply, hose color may vary.

Order will be satisfied with priority to the psi rating and  I.D. size.

Color is not guaranteed.

Hoses are NOT Returnable

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