Binks Zinc-Plated 2.8 Gallon Pressure Tank with Stainless Steel Lid


2.8 Gallon Pressure Tank / Pressure Pot

Manufacturer: Binks
Part Number: 83Z-2XX

Description: 2.8 Gallon Pressure Tank / Pressure Pot

The 83Z pressure tanks are designed as a pressure container to supply liquid material at a constant preset pressure up to a maximum of 80 PSI. The tanks are built to
ASME specifications. All models include stainless steel wetted parts, a stainless steel
lid and polyethylene liner, allowing use with waterborne materials. All models are for
light to medium-duty use only.

Liners available - see part # PT-78-K10 or PT-78-K60

Tank Type: Stainless Steel (Zinc Plated tank shell)

Max Output Pressure: 80 psi

Air Inlet: 1/4" NPS

Fluid Outlet: 3/8" NPS

Capacity: 2.8 Gallons

Notes: Fits 1 Gallon Buckets

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