8-Position Gunshelf


Hang up to 8 spray guns with or without a disposable cup and/or air blowers with the 8-Position GunShelf. Perfect for mixing rooms or anywhere many spray guns are stored. It can also be fitted inside a cabinet that is at least 25” wide and 9” deep for secure and lockable storage.

Hanger slots are sized at 7/8” width to accommodate for most disposable cup systems. Slots hang the guns from the cup adapter, with or without the cup attached.

Standard spray guns (with traditional aluminum or plastic cups) and most air blowers/amps are also compatible with the 8-Position GunShelf.

The magnetic mounting option allows you to move your 8-Position GunShelf wherever you need it. 

  • Holds up to 8 spray guns and most blower/air amp guns
  • Slots are sized for various cup adapters used with disposable cup systems
  • Works with most standard spray guns (traditional metal or plastic cups)
  • Mounting options: magnetic or bolt-on with self-tapping sheet metal screw
Spray guns and material props shown in images are not included.
CAUTION: Never use any magnetic accessory on or near computer equipment. Use caution with all magnetic products. Keep fingers and other important body parts away from the path of the magnetic - metal contact.

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