Alpha-Mix 220 18-Piece Quart Mixing Shelf


Alpha-Mix 220 18-Piece Quart Mixing Shelf

Manufacturer: Fillon Technologies

Part Number:  ARDH1201


"The Ideal Companion for today's body shop"

Alpha-Mix 160/220 machines introduce a universal structure base and floor section in place of a traditional base unit. Installers simply attach quart/liter and gallon shelves to reach their desired configuration. Alpha-Mix machines will help to reduce shop installation costs without sacrificing mixing performance.

Alpha-Mix machines feature Quick-Link technology for sure-fire mixing and galvanized shelf covers for easy maintenance. The Explosion-proof motor and timer controls are programmable for added convenience and the motor’s slow-start-up feature ensures that the belts and components will last longer than traditional machines.

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Alpha-Mix 220 Machine Kits - (ARDV1202, ARDV1201, ARDV1203)

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