Binks Smart Pump E2-60

Manufacturer: Carlisle Binks

Part #: 104086-311

Model: E2-60

Description: 290 psi, 16 Gal Fluid Output @ 40 Cycles/Min. Advanced digital control circulation pump.

Binks Smart Pumps are famed for their smooth, low pulse material delivery and their energy saving capabilities. This is why they are found in the world’s largest Automotive OEM and Tier 1 paint shops.

The reciprocating drive has at its heart an asymmetric constant velocity cam. The cam’s profile causes both pistons to act together for a brief period at change-over, thus achieving a smooth continual flow with negligible pressure fluctuations. The horizontal configuration of the fluid section gives equal thrust on each stroke, which achieves a constant, controllable flow. All of these elements combine to provide a smooth flow of material, eliminating the need for a surge chamber.

The Binks Smart System ensures that material is delivered to the point of application only when needed, dramatically reducing energy and paint consumption. Binks Smart System monitors when the spray booth is in closed-loop operation and increases the pressure and flow of material to match the demand. On returning to open-loop the Binks Smart System automatically decreases the pump speed to maintain minimum pressure and flow requirements. The Smart Card controller interfaces seamlessly with all major PLC control software. Utilizing Modbus outputs it can link with Siemens, Alan Bradley and Mitsubishi PLC’s.


  • Significant Energy Savings - Electric drive linked with Smart Control gives significant energy and cost savings over pneumatic pumps.
  • Patented Reciprocating Drive - incorporating a sliding carriage mechanism with asymmetric constant velocity cam, gives a smooth transition and virtually eliminates material pressure fluctuations. No surge chamber required.
  • Flow Rate Control by AC frequency inverter. Infinitely controllable within the 10 to 40 cycles per minute range.
  • Long Life piston seals are lubricated by paint on both sides increasing seal life and ensuring no external leaks at end of seal life.
  • Tungsten carbide ball seats and ceramic coated pistons ensure long working life, even when pumping aggressive and abrasive materials.
  • Enclosed PTFE shaft bellows seals eliminate the need for shaft packing lubrication. Vital when pumping Light (UV) and Moisture (Catalyst) sensitive materials.
  • Choice of Operational Mode - Simple flow mode or automatic ‘Pressure Control’ mode to achieve maximum ‘Smart’ energy savings.
  • Fluid Connections - Sanitary inlet and outlet connections guarantee no paint-trap pockets at valve and manifold junctions.

Suitable Materials Typical Applications
  • Solvent and Waterborne
  • Primers, Sealers &
    Catalyzed Lacquers
  • UV Cure
  • Adhesives & Fillers
  • Moisture Sensitive
  • Abrasive
  • High Solids
  • Plus many more
  • Paint Circulation