Air Filter Dryer – 1 Regulator


Manufacturer: C.A. Technologies
Part Number: 52-531

Description: Air Filter Dryer – 1 Regulator 

Filter / Dryer

C.A. Technologies part 52-531 Air Filter Dryer. This unit is a point of use two-stage oil/water filter with a desiccant drying cartridge for single gun painting operations where dry clean air is critical, such as automobile or fine wood finishing. The desiccant unit has an indicator to show when the unit is saturated and needs replacement. The unit comes with a ball valve at the inlet and a regulator for single gun regulation. This is what all fine finishers should have. Maximum flow is 25 SCFM and rated to one (1) micron.


Inlet Port: 1/2″ FNPT
SCFM: 25
Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
Ball Valves: 1
Air Regulators: 1

Replacement Cartridge (First Stage): 52-554
Replacement Cartridge (Second Stage): 52-555

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