Air Filter Coalescer – 1 Regulator / Auto Drain 52-522


Filters / Coalescers

C.A. Technologies part 52-522 Filter / Coalescer is a two stage combination unit that offers the finest system for removal of water, dirt and oil in the industry. Due to the prefilter design this unit can be used in high contamination areas without high element replacement rates. The first stage removes particles and water while the 2nd stage removes oil contaminants. This unit is rated at 60 SCFM and removes water, dirt and oil to 0.01 micron at 98.99998% efficiency. For point of use operation. Unit includes filter / coelescer only. It has 1/2 port sizes and comes with auto drain and filter load indicators standard.


Inlet Port: 1/2″ FNPT
SCFM: 60
Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
Ball Valves: 2
Air Regulators: 1

Replacement Parts:

Replacement Cartridge (First Stage): 52-551
Replacement Cartridge (Second Stage): 52-553