Paint Hog Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Pads (50 / Per Case)


The lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

  • Superior paint holding capacity
  • Low operating resistance to airflow
  • Fewer filter change-outs and fewer filters in the landfill
  • Highly compressible--reducing shipping and warehousing costs
  • Exceeds EPA standards (40 CFR Part 63)
  • California Proposition 65 compliant

Paint Hog is a new breed of paint exhaust filtration media with best-in-class paint holding capacity, high efficiency and lowest operating costs, and resistance to airflow.

Paint Hog holds the most paint which means:

  • Longer service life
  • Fewer filter change-outs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Fewer filters in the landfill

 Paint Hog is highly compressible which saves shipping and warehousing costs.

Performance Measure  Paint Hog Paint Arrestor Media
Initial Resistance (150 fpm) *  0.03
Paint Holding Capacity @ 0.25” Final Resistance (PH35)  7.2lbs
Average Removal Efficiency *  99.25%
* Data per Blue Heaven Technologies Test No. 19-291-1


  • Description: 2.5 x (Specified Width) White PA
  • Thickness: Nominal 2 ½ Inches
  • Media Weight: Nominal 35 grams/square foot (Glass & Binder)
  • Additives: N/A
  • Binder Percent: Nominal 38%
  • Slit Width: As Specified
  • Standard Color: White Spray
  • Removal Efficiency & Paint Holding Capacity:
    • Initial Pressure Drop (Clean Filter) ........................ 0.05 in. water
    • Final Pressure Drop (Loaded Filter) ...................... 0.25 in. water
    • Paint Holding Capacity (Loaded Filter) ............... 3,287g (7.25#)
    • Average Removal Efficiency of Test Filter .......... 99.87%

For 1 To 4 Boxes, The Freight Cost Is $70.00 Per Box.

For Orders of 5 Boxes or More, Contact Us for Special Freight Cost.

Paint Arrestance Filter Test Report

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