Fill-One+ Aerosol Filling Machine w/ Demo Plate


Manufacturer: Fillon Technologies

Part Number: EBAA1012


Let’s face it- nobody likes cleaning, especially messy aerosol filling machines. Whether doing it yourself or paying somebody else, it costs time and money…But you won’t have to anymore. Fill-One is a revolutionary aerosol filling system that delivers perfectly blended aerosols without cleaning.

Fill-One introduces a patented filling cylinder and integrated piston disc in place of a traditional aerosol cap- so there’s nothing to clean. Simply remove the cylinder cap, piston disc, and spray nozzle, and fill the cap with paint according to the formula. And within seconds, you’ll have a custom blended aerosol ready-to-use with NOTHING to clean…ever!

After many successful years, we decided to give Fill-One a facelift...The color was changed from silver/blue to bright flame red, and we also integrated a manometer to monitor the air pressure BEFORE the operator closes the door. The new Fill-One+ is also equipped with a universal Aluminum filling cup compatible with both inside and outside clipping caps.


  • No Cleaning after filling aerosol cans.
  • Seconds to fill with no loss of paint product.
  • Compact system- about the size of a coffee maker.
  • Paint is permanently sealed into the cap, serving as a color indicator.
  • Requires the use of an air compressor (Recommended operating range: 120-140 PSI).

Blend aerosols on a countertop or use them for demonstrations in the field.

  • Pre-drilled holes to protect the air supply tube and operating stability.
  • Industrial-grade leveling feet keep the machine secure during use.
  • Ideal for displaying brand decals.

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Fill-One+ Aerosol Filling Machine 


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