SurfPrep Grey Non-Woven Abrasives


Grey Non-Woven Abrasives

Manufacturer: SurfPrep


Description: SurfPrep non-woven discs & pads are 3-dimensional and highly flexible. The flocked backing is to be used on SurfPrep Sanders with Hook & Loop backup pads (H&L). No vacuum holes are needed for vacuum sanding, the substrate will suck through abrasive and flocking. ULTRA FINE 800 Grit S/C This high grit silicon carbide abrasive is perfect for scuffing automotive fillers and matting car paint. It can also be used for wood waxing and scuff sanding when wiping stain. Applications: Cleaning, wood finishing, automotive finishing, plastics Uses: Finishing metals, woods, plastics, composites Abrasive: Silicon Carbide (S/C)      

Grey Non-Woven Discs & Pads 25/box SurfPrep’s Non-woven abrasives are saturated with the highest quality grains. These discs & pads have a very high mineral content Silicon Carbide (S/C) and maintain the flexibility to sand almost any surface desired. When using these non-woven pads, there is always a consistent cutting action that requires little pressure.

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