Anest Iwata MSU11 Compact Multi-Spray Unit (13:1) System


MSU11 Compact Multi-Spray Unit (13:1) System

Manufacturer: Anest Iwata

Part #: 7168, 7169

Description: The 13:1 stainless steel MSU11N multi-spray system combines the advantages of air spray and airless spray to suit a wide range of applications. A double-action pump minimizes pulsation and reduces wear on pump components. The system is available in three different configurations:

  • Wall Mount
  • Cart Mount

In comparison with standard air spray:
Greatly improved coating environment due to minimal overspray.
Coating cabinet corners or recessed areas made easy with the system’s excellent penetration.
Thick film applications made possible when spraying high viscosity materials, up to approximately 300cp viscosity.
Higher productivity is achievable by delivering more material to the work surface in less time.

In comparison with airless spray:
Spraying at lower fluid pressures.
Softer atomization without tails assures high-quality finishing.
Coating small parts with optimal fluid output at low pressure.
Low fluid pressure assures safe operation and increases pump durability.
Adjustable spray pattern adapts to the shape of the workpiece.

Stainless Steel Fluid Passages:
The fluid passages of this pump and spray gun are made of stainless steel and are ideal for applications requiring waterborne or solvent-borne materials.

Easy Handling and Installation:
Weighing approximately 40 lbs., the unit is easily installed. Connect the air supply, multi-spray gun, and hoses and it is ready to use.

Easy Maintenance:
Simple construction assures easy maintenance.

Suitable applications for medium to high volume manufacturing environment:
Woodwork and Furniture (Stains / Sealers / Primers / Top Coats)
Metal products and Machinery (Primers / Top Coats)
Commercial and Marine (Primers / Base Coats)

System Includes:

  • Cart or Wall Mount
  • Air & Fluid Regulator
  • Paint Filter Unit
  • Dip Tube w Filter
  • Fluid Recirculation Hose
  • Over Pressure Valve
  • MSGS200 Gun
  • Tip
  • 25’ Fluid & Air Hose

Pump Manual

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