PILOT WA 700 Airspray Automatic Gun with Internal Control


Manufacturer: Walther Pilot
Part Number: V207000xxxx (Standard Version), V207200xxxx (HVLP), V207400xxxx (HVLP Plus), V207030xxxx (Stanard Adhesive), V207230xxxx (HVLP Adhesive)

Description: The models PILOT WA 700 are all-automatic air-controlled guns operating in combination with a 3/2-way control valve in the form of hand-, foot- or solenoid-actuated valves.

Actuation of the 3/2-way control valve directs control air into the cylinder inside the gun so as to open - in sequence - the atomizing air and the material input.

The shape of the spray (flat / wide / round) is set on the gun with the models PILOT WA 7XX using regulating screws. If the control air through the 3/2-way valve is interrupted, compressed air remaining in the cylinder chamber will first escape. The spring pressure of the piston spring subsequently pushes the material needle to its original position, closes the material supply, and finally the spray air.

The material flow volume is set with all models via the material pressure and by limiting the orifice travel of the material needle on the cap (Item 26). The material flow of the automatic spray gun series PILOT WA 7XX can also be opened by hand using the pulling rod (Item 27) to clean, for example, a clogged material nozzle.

The spray guns of the PILOT WA 7XX series can be connected to material pressure tanks and pumping systems. The models PILOT WA 710-U / WA 730-HVLP-U / WA 750-HVLPPLUS-U / WA 713-U-K and WA 733-HVLP-U-K with connection for paint circulation can be integrated into a system with circulation.

The models PILOT WA 720-HVLP / WA 730 HVLP-U / WA 723 HVLP-K and WA 733 HVLP-U-K are pure low-pressure spray guns working with a spraying air pressure of 0.7 bar at an intake air pressure of 4.5 bar.

With the models, PILOT WA 740-HVLPPLUS and WA 750 HVLPPLUS-U the intake air
pressure ranges from 3.0 to 3.3 bar for a spraying air pressure of 1.2 to 1.4 bar.

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