Ransburg IntelliFlow RF2 Automatic - 2K Proportioner, Low Pressure


Ransburg IntelliFlow is the next generation of intuitive, accurate, connected proportioning.

Manufacturer: Ransburg

Part #: RF2-LA2-XX-XX-X

Description: Low Pressure, 300 psi (20 Bar), Automatic Application

Two-Component (2K) Metering, Mixing, and Flow Control Proportioner. For applications requiring 3K, please contact us at (844) 898-1082 for a quote.

Ransburg’s IntelliFlow family of products brings advanced automation and ease of use to drive efficiency, uptime, and optimization in your process. Large, full-color touchscreens with automated processes significantly reduce training time and ensure operator mistakes are avoided. Cloud-based connectivity allows the equipment to be monitored and troubleshooted in real-time from anywhere in the world. And flexible, high-performance fluid components deliver superior ratio and flow accuracy while maximizing coating and solvent waste savings.

Intuitive, Full-Color 15″ Touchscreen

  • Easy to learn interface will feel natural to both new and experienced operators
  • Streamlined primary operation screens show just the information you need to know, alongside a full suite of customization options to tailor the equipment to your process
  • Automate common processes and avoid costly mistakes to increase productivity and uptime
  • Visible alarms tell you what the error is, and exactly how to fix it, reducing troubleshooting time

Seamless Connectivity and Integration

  • EtherNet/IP communication comes standard for seamless integration with your PLC, robot, or SCADA system, with many other protocols also available
  • Unit can be operated completely remotely by sending trigger signals, color change, flowrate, and ratio commands
  • Cloud-based remote monitoring allows the equipment to be securely operated or diagnosed in real-time from anywhere in the world
  • Track and export organized process data in real-time or batches for process improvement and VOC reporting

The Best-In-Class Fluid Performance

  • True closed-loop flow and ratio control delivers unmatched accuracy, ensuring the coating is mixed and metered correctly every time
  • Proven dynamic mixing reduces paint and solvent waste during each color change, driving significant savings for your business
  • Standard air-solvent chop reduces solvent usage by up to 65%
  • Critical components are designed with reliability and serviceability in mind, increasing uptime and minimizing unexpected downtime

Flexible, Scalable Solutions To Improve Any Process

  • Flexible fluid configurations available to meet the needs of all major low and high pressure solventborne, waterborne, electrostatic, or non-electrostatic coatings.
  • Up to 100 colors + hardeners + 3K with programmable changes, flushes, and recipes.
  • Wide array of accessories available to tailor the equipment to your exact process.
  • Modular design allows the equipment to grow with your business: Easily add additional colors, catalysts, and fluid circuits as your process expands.

When to choose the Automatic vs. Manual RF2 units:

  • Benefits of the Automatic RF2 include flowrate control or air-piloted fluid pressure regulation and the greatest level of ratio precision across a wide range of flowrates.
  • Some of the additions to the Automatic RF2 include fluid pressure regulators on the valve stacks and an MVR (material valve regulator) for the A, B, C components.
  • The Automatic RF2 can be operated in automatic or manual modes for those doing manual spray applications and considering upgrading to automatic in the future.

How to select your turn-key configuration:

  1. Select the number of colors and catalysts. If your desired number of colors and catalysts is not listed, order a 1-color 1-catalyst configuration and order color stacks separately.
  2. Select material compatibility (Standard or Isocyanate).
  3. Select between additional parts and accessories listed below.

All configurations include the following:

  • 15” full-color touchscreen with EtherNet/IP communication
  • Solenoids for up to 12 colors, 4 catalysts
  • Inlet pressure regulation
  • Solvent and Air Chop valves on color stack (except 1-color configurations)
  • Solvent valves on catalyst stack (except 1-catalyst configurations)
  • 2 high-resolution gear flowmeters
  • 2 closed-loop flow control regulators
  • Flushable dynamic mix block
  • Wall mounting hardware

Parts and Accessories: