Ransburg IntelliFlow RM2 Pump - 2k Proportioner, Low Pressure


Entry-Level Electronic Plural Component Proportioner

Manufacturor: Ransburg

Part #: RM2-111XX

Description: Low Pressure (250 psi, 17 Bar), Manual Application

The IntelliFlow RM2 is an affordable, entry-level electronic plural component proportioner designed to minimize waste and maximize consistency for a wide range of hand spray applications.

Ransburg’s IntelliFlow family of products brings advanced automation and ease of use to drive efficiency, uptime, and optimization in your process. Large, full-color touchscreens with automated processes significantly reduce training time and ensure operator mistakes are avoided. Cloud-based connectivity allows the equipment to be monitored and troubleshooted in real-time from anywhere in the world. Flexible, high-performance fluid components deliver superior ratio and flow accuracy while maximizing coating and solvent waste savings.

Why move up to the RM2 from hot-potting?

Switching to the IntelliFlow RM2 can save an operation over $50,000 a year.

  • Eliminate excessive mixed coating waste
  • Eliminate time required to manually mix coatings
  • Reduce warranty repairs from improperly mized coatings

With the RM2, you can stand behind your work and validate to customers that the coating was mixed and dispensed correctly every time.

Best-In-Class Fluid Performance

  • Precision 1:1 to 100:1 material ratio control
  • Up to 7 colors, with customizable flush sequences per color
  • Dynamic mixing reduces paint and solvent waste
  • No Integrator needed, reducing maintenance and waste
  • Standard air-solvent chop reduces solvent use up to 65%
  • Critical components designed for reliability and serviceability

Cloud-Based Connectivity

Remote monitoring for secure operation and diagnosis in real time

  • Connect via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular, or USB
  • Track and export data for process improvement and VOC reporting

10″ Color Touchscreen

  • Easy-to-learn interface, intuitive to all operators
  • Streamlined operation screens simplify information
  • Common operations can be done in 3 presses or less
  • Common processes can be automated for increased productivity and uptime, and minimized mistakes
  • Visible alarms include instructional fixes, reducing troubleshooting time

4 Options to select from:

Number of Colors Catalyst Pump Size Part Number
1 300 cc RM2-11121
1 600 cc RM2-11111
7 300 cc RM2-11127
7 600 cc RM2-11117

How to select your configuration:

  1. Select number of colors
  2. Select catalyst pump size: If max catalyst flow rate is less than 100 cc/min, select 300. If greater than 100 cc/min, select 600.
  3. Select between additional items listed in the Parts and Accessories section below.

All configurations include the following:

  • 10" full color touchscreen
  • 2 gun capability
  • Solvent and Air Chop valves on color stack
  • High-resolution gear flowmeter
  • Catalyst metering pump
  • Dynamic mix block
  • Air connection bulkheads
  • Wall mounting hardware (floor stand available in parts and accessories below)

Parts and Accessories:

Recommended Spares and Quantities:

Part No. Description 300cc Pump 600cc Pump
240-5141 Pump Rebuild Kit, 300cc 1 -
240-5142 Pump Rebuild Kit, 600cc - 1
KK-4841 CCV Repair Kit 10 10
78949-00 MCV Valve 4 4
77367-00 Valve Seat Assembly 4 4
240-3124 Mix Manifold Repair Kit  1 1
240-3047 Injector Valve Assembly  1 1
310-9017-K5 Flowmeter Seal Kit, 5 Pack 1 1
SSV-809 Check Valve 2 2
6SN-6CV Check Valve 1 1
240-3122-300 Static Mix Assembly, 300cc 2 -
240-3122-600 Static Mix Assembly, 600cc - 2
0114-016099 Throat Seal Lube, Solvent-Based 1 1
0114-016100 Throat Seal Lube, Water-Based 1 1
240-5186 Pressure Transducer 1 1
13742-01 Air Flow Switch 2 2
240-5189 AIR CUT OFF VALVE 2 2
240-3060 Linear Pot Bracket Assembly 1 1
240-5154 Solenoid Valve Slice 2 2
CCV-503-SS CCV Valve 2 2
310-9010 Flowmeter Body 1 1
310-9011 Flowmeter Dual Probe Pickup 1 1
240-5136-300 Dispense Pump Assembly, 300cc 1 -
240-5136-600 Dispense Pump Assembly, 600cc - 1
240-5334 Mix Manifold Assembly 1 1





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