S50M Manual Flex Solvent Spray Gun Cleaner


Manufacturer: Becca

Part Number: S50M


The New BECCA S50M Manual Flex Spray Gun Cleaner is designed tomeet the challenges of getting solvent spray guns clean quickly... 

  • Cleans all of the fluid passageways
  • Protects air passageways to prevent contamination and corrosion

Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel Basin – Compact Design, ideal for Tight Space Applications
  • Powerpistol™ – Quick & Powerful Spray Gun Cleaning
  • Powerclean™ – Compressed Air Connection Protecting Air Passageways
  • Pulsating Fluid – Powerful Cleaning Efficiency
  • Used/Clean Fluid Control – Superior Cleaning and 50% Solvent Savings
  • Splash Pad – In Basin to Reduce Splash
  • Flow Brush – Improved Cleaning of dried material
  • Foot Pedal – Pump Control for Hands Free Operation
  • Ultra Light™ QD’s – High Flow light weight Corrosion Resistant
  • Red Powder Coated Finish – Long Maintenance Life
  • Input Air Filter/Regulator – Proper System Air Control
  • NESHAP and NFPA 33 Compliant – Meets Requirements 

Optional Upgrades

  • Single or Dual Cartridge Filtration Recycling System – Includes a 75 Micron Filter. See Solventwash™ Info
  • Mounting Stand with Legs – Creates a free-standing system.
  • Wall Mount Kit – Includes uni-strut and hardware for mounting to single-skin wall. Additional hardware may be required.
  • Fluid Reservoir – 5 Gallon Steel Can to hold Clean and/or Used Solvent Supply
  • BECCA Protect Film – Maintenance Film Coating


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