SATAjet 1000 B DA Pressurized Cup Spray Gun


SATAjet 1000 B DA Pressurized Cup Spray Gun

Manufacturer: SATA
Part Number: 214320

Description: 1.3 DA Pressurized Cup Spray Gun For Dispersion Glues, incl. SATA BVD Add-On Kit

The SATAjet 1000 B is the multi-application choice amongst gravity flow cup spray guns for craft and industry. Due to the wide range of nozzle sizes and accessories available, such as pressurized and agitator cups, various materials can be perfectly applied: low-viscosity stains, clear coats, texture finishes and glazes as well as spray-on glues and other thixotropic products. Even areas of difficult access can be easily coated due to extensions avail¬able in various configurations.

  • Suitable for the application of various materials – waterborne or solvent-based

  • Universally adjustable spray pattern with fine atomization for a high work speed

  • Special air passages on the air cap horns prevent material accumulations caused by overspray

  • The wide and smooth material passages improve the material flow – reduces cleaning time and ensures perfect paint jobs

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