SATAjet X 5500 PHASER Nozzle Sets


SATAjet X 5500 PHASER Nozzle Sets

Manufacturer: SATA
Part Number: 1096181–1096272

Description: This nozzle set fits only the SATAjet X 5500 PHASER RP. It consists of an air cap, a fluid nozzle and a needle as a matched set. The replacement nozzle sets have all been tested at SATA for perfection. The air cap rings on SATAjet X 5500 PHASER nozzle sets have snap rings built in. There is easy separation from the ring for cleaning. They are available for the SATAjet X guns in I or O fan shape, you can choose according to your needs

Product Benefits:

  • Revolutionary: The X-Nozzles are taking atomization to a whole new level

  • Noticeably Quieter: Whispering nozzle due to optimized air flow geometry, reduced noise level in the relevant sound frequency ranges

  • Individual: Matches any application requirement, such as specific characteristics of the paint system, climate conditions and application method (application speed/application control)

  • Precise: Optimized material distribution for enhanced spraying uniformity and atomization with both spray fan shapes

  • Low Maintenance: No air distribution insert required, this also ensuring a much easier and faster cleaning process

  • Consistent: Constant fan size across the entire nozzle spectrum (within each respective atomization technology) with linear increases of the material flow rate

  • Efficient: The optimized atomization concept enables you to realize considerable material savings using the same application method as before

Not Available For Purchase From Our Website.
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Authorized SATA Distributors such as Total Finishing Supplies are not allowed to sell SATA products over the internet. Beware of sites that claim to offer genuine SATA items. They are not authorized and you may be buying a fake or an item that won't be covered under SATA's warranty. 

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