Becca Standard High Capacity Solvent Saver (6 Gallon) Recycler


Standard High Capacity Solvent Saver (6-Gallon) Recycler by Becca

Manufacturer: Becca

Description: In today’s environment, operations know the meaning of efficiency, reduced cycle time and variable cost reduction. BECCA continues to redefine what a Solvent Recycler supplier should do for its customers: Help Customers Succeed, Deliver Quality Products, Bring the Latest in Technology and Provide the Best Service

Solvent Saver Benefits:

  • Reduces your Solvent Purchases 
  • Reduces Your Hazardous Waste Generation 
  • Able to process Conventional, Alternative & Waterborne Solvents 
  • Listed Class I Division 1 Requirements
  • CSA Listed to UL2208 
  • Fully Automated Cycle 
  • 2 Year Warranty—Longest in the Industry

Spares and Accessories:

824022 6 Gallon Foam Breaking Grill