Standard Roof Flashing for Pitched Roof - Paint Spray Booth

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Standard Roof Flashing for Pitched Roof

Paint Spray Booth Exhaust stack components are fabricated from galvanized steel: 20 gauge for under 30" diameter; 18 gauge for 30" diameter and above. Available stack sizes are 12", 18", 24", 30", 34", and 42" diameters. Duct design meets Uniform Fire Code NFPA 91, latest edition.

Roof Pitch = Height difference in one foot. A 4" rise in a 12" span is a 4/12 pitch. 

Order the same diameter as duct. Flashing diameter is 6" larger than duct. The is required by NFPA code.

FOB  - You will be contacted with a freight quote or you can arrange your own freight.

Booth duct and accessories are custom made. They are non-returnable

Parts and Accessories:

  • SBE155-XX Duct Quarter Section Skirt (Collar)

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