SurfPrep SurfNet Abrasives


SurfNet Abrasives

Manufacturer: SurfPrep


Description: SurfNet's fabric netting abrasives are saturated with blue silicon carbide minerals for a smooth and flexible sanding job. The foam backed abrasive allows the abrasive to mold to the surface being sanded when used with a SurfPrep sander. No vacuum holes are needed for vacuum sanding, the substrate will suck through abrasive. Can be used wet or dry. Blue Silicon Carbide (S/C) These diverse abrasives can be used in a multitude of applications: woodworking, automotive, DIY, marine. Can be used on paints, lacquers, paint, wood, plastic, aluminum, steel, plastic, solid surface, etc.

  • 3" discs - 40/box
  • 5" discs - 25/box
  • 6" discs - 25/box
  • 3"x4" pads - 25/box