Wagner ACF 5000 EACF Air Coat (High Pressure) Electrostatic Flat Spray Air Cap


Manufacturer: Wagner

Flat Jet LV (Low Viscosity, Red) Part Number: 2309882

Flat Jet HV (High Viscosity, Blue) Part Number: 2314203

Description: Wagner ACF 5000 Flat Jet Air Caps are uniquely developed for flat jet atomization and allows for optimal results with a wide variety of materials.


Wagner Nozzle ACF 5000 - Electrostatic Flat Spray Nozzles

ACF 5000 EAF / EAF Wide Air Spray (Low Pressure) Electrostatic Flat Spray Air Cap

ACF 5000 EACR Air Coat (High Pressure) Electrostatic Round Spray Air Cap

ACF 5000 EAR Air Spray (Low Pressure) Electrostatic Round Spray Air Cap

GM 5000 Quick Parts Reference

Wagner Electrostatic Air Spray Manual


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