Wagner Cobra 40-25 High Pressure Diaphragm Pump (With Frame)


Manufacturer: Wagner

Part Number: 2329525

Description: High-pressure, double diaphragm pump, Consistal. For AirCoat and Airless applications up to 2.5 l/min and 250 bar. Ideal for everything from the individual lacquer station to complex multi-paint systems.

Description: Cobra® is a high-pressure double diaphragm pump suitable for Airless and AirCoat applications up to 250 bar/3,625 psi. Cobra® is the first high-pressure pneumatic pump without packings. The absence of friction in the fluid section and the minimum shear makes it perfect for any kind of material including the most critical ones such as reactive paints (UV paints, isocyanates, acrylics) or highly abrasive materials. The pump works with extremely low pulsation and creates a uniform paint flow, achieving a perfect spray pattern and superb surface quality.



Extra Information
  • Brand: Wagner Liquid
  • Pressure Ratio: 40:1
  • Max. Fluid Pressure: 250 bar/3,625 psi
  • Volume per DS: 25 cc/.84 fl. oz.
  • Max. Pump Speed: 200 DS/min
  • Max. Flow Rate: 5.0 l/min - 1.32 gal/min
  • Weight: 32 kg/70.6 lb.
  • Fluid Outlet: 3/8” NPS
  • MAX. Sound Level: 76 dB(A)
  • Material PH: 3,5 – 9,0 pH
No Application Limits
  • Cobra® is friction-free and can handle all critical materials.
  • Minimized shearing effect.
  • Reduced pulsation to ensure a consistent flow of material and a finer finish.
  • Cobra® pumps have a high-speed operation and very small fluid chambers.
The fluid section minimizes material travel distance and lowers operating costs of the Cobra® to ensure enormous saving benefits!
  • Reduced solvent consumption: up to 60% savings during flushing procedures.
  • Less paint waste.
  • Easy and fast color changes.
  • Lower maintenance due to extremely low wear.

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