Wagner GM 4000ACIC AirCoat Automatic Air Assist Airless Spray Gun w/ Cefla Adaptor (Complete)


AirCoat Automatic Spray Gun - A level Above the "GOLD" standard in Finishing! 

Manufacturer: Wagner
Part Number: GA4000ACIC-xxxxx

Description: AirCoat automatic guns with internal controller for the installation in automated lacquer spraying systems. Various base plates allow numerous installation options. With or without circulation.

Complete Gun with Base Includes:

Air Cap Types: Blue High Viscosity, Red Low Volume (Shown in Pictures), or Round Spray

Reasons you should buy this gun over any other Airmix or Air Assisted Airless (AAA) on the market:

  1. Highest Transfer Efficiency for Air Assisted Airless guns!  Testing has shown this gun to have a higher TE at sites and independent test results have shown this to have the highest non-electrostatic TE vs other manual guns in class. 
  2. Aircoat Tips are reversible for easy purging. Tips are less than other name brands! 
  3. No wearing O-rings and seals under the air-cap!  No expensive tip seals and o-rings to constantly maintain. The hardened plastic seals last and are $6.00 Ea or $9.00 Ea to replace. Making the cost to maintain this gun very inexpensive. 

GA4000ACIC Specifications:
Fluid Inlet: I – G 1/4“
Compressed Air Connection: 8 mm
Max. Material Pressure: 250,0 bar, 3626 PSI
Max. Material Temperature: 80 °C, 176.0 °F
Max. Air Inlet Pressure: 8 bar, 116 PSI
Operating Temperature Range: 5 – 40 °C, 41 – 104 °F
Ambient Temperature: 5 – 40 °C, 41 – 104 °F
Weight: 0,7 kg, 1.5 lb
Max. Sound Level: 82 dB(A)
Length: 129,0 mm, 5.1 in
Width: 47 mm, 1.9 in
Height: 60 mm, 2.4 in



Accessory & Replacement Part List:

  • Wagner Seal tip 394338
  • Wagner Nozzle Gasket 394339
  • GA4x00 Air Assist Tip 379xxx
  • GA4x00 PLUS Air Assist Tip 321xxx
  • GA4x00 Round Spray Tip 1327xx
  • Wagner GA4000 ACIC Service Kit 2314353
  • Wagner GA4000 ACIC Service Kit (Base Plate) 2314355
  • Wagner LV Plus Red Air Cap for GA4000 AC Gun 2308808
  • Wagner HV Plus BLUE Air Cap for GA4000 AC Gun 2308809
  • Wagner Round Spray Air Cap for GA4000 AC Gun 394180
  • Wagner Nozzle Extension AC 300 349090
  • Wagner Nozzle Extension AC 600 349091
  • Wagner Straight Inline Filter DN6-PN270-G1/4-SST 2324558

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