Walcom Genesi Alluminio HALO Clear Gravity Spray Gun


Genesi Alluminio HALO Clear

Manufacturer: Walcom

Part #: 05XXXX

Description: Genesi Alluminio is the best performing spray gun in the Walcom line of products for applying water and solvent based paint.

HALO High Atomization Low Overspray is an atomization system that combines a higher pressure than the standard hvlp with an equivalent or even higher transfer efficiency, making application easier and faster.

HALO has been tested by UDRI laboratories and compliant as per California SCQAMD certification.

This spray gun is the result of Walcom's research and experience, a company that proudly produces all the components of the spray gun internally, the Carbon Genesis represents the maximum evolution of its category; a body machined in a single step by 5-axis cnc, consisting of a forged aluminum core, carbon overlay for a unique lightness and ergonomics, an exceptional feeling, maximum quality of the result and an efficiency.

All models come with rebuild kit, gun wrench and plastic carrying case. Options include your choice of cup and optional analog gauge & regulator.

Parts and Accessories:

Gravity Cups: