Denray Machine

Building Quality Dust Filtration Systems since 1990

From sanding to grinding, we have the dust solution for you in our Denray downdraft tables! 
Here's how they work:  Power up the table, use a hand sander or other hand tools and experience a dustless environment because the dust is directed into the downdraft table through slots using a vacuum system.  Our downdraft tables and booths are perfect for in-plant airborne dust, smoke, fumes, odors, and pollution extraction.  Reaching over 10,000 tables sold, Denray has prided itself on producing a machine that meets OSHA standards and is user-friendly. Denray downdraft tables have continued to be one of the leading in the industry. Our tables and booths help clean the ambient air for an all-around cleaner, safer and healthier work environment. 

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Denray Dust Collection Booth

Denray Dust Collection Mini-Booth




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