Becca Flash Dry Rapid Drying System

Flash Dry Rapid Drying System

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*Shown with optional white powder coat

FLASH DRY SYSTEM by BECCA was designed to provide a highly effective drying system for both solvent and waterborne paint while meeting the price the average shop can afford.

The system will provide:

• Dynamic Air Movement: Non-directional Air Flow resulting in more effective drying.

• Directional Air Control: Fixed position nozzles adjustable to target sizes

• Dehydrating Paint: Quickly and effectively removes solvents

• Dries Fast: Our 4D AIR TECHNOLOGY™ Delivers Supreme Performance!

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Standard Features:

  • Speed – Rapid Drying by the Powerful Directed Nozzle System
  • Easy To Operate – One Button Start
  • Adjustibility – Once the System has been set-up there is no need for Adjustments
  • Low Cost To Use – Avg. cost is approximately 30 cents /Day
  • Value Priced – Flash Dry System has a low purchase cost and can also reduce your need to upgrade your Compressor
  • High Static Blower – Generates a Powerful amount of Air
  • 2 HP Motor – All the Power necessary to Drive the High Static Blower
  • On/Off Motor Starter – Easy to Start & Stop
  • Erector Set Construction – Easy to Install
  • Flexible Design – Extra Components have been provided to accommodate different booth lengths (Up to 28’) & entry locations
  • Tempered/Filtered Air – Intake Air is Clean Filtered and Tempered (Heated Booth) Spray Booth Air, not Dusty Shop or Compressed Air.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Painted White – Powder Coat the Nozzle Tubes & Damper in the Booth
    Part# 870100
  • Puff Switch – Explosion Proof switch allows turning the system On/Off in-side the Spray Booth (This option replaces On/Off Controls Outside the Spray Booth. Must be purchased with Order – Retrofit is a Higher Price ). Part# 870300
  • Motor Voltages & 1Phase – BECCA has 208—240 Volt 3 Phase standard. 480V & 1 Phase Electrical is available (Must be Specified upon Order – This may extend the Lead Time for Delivery). Call for Part# & Pricing

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