GA4000 ACIC Spray Gun


AirCoat automatic gun

AirCoat automatic guns with internal controller for the installation in automated lacquer spraying systems. Various base plates allow numerous installation options. With or without circulation.


Reasons you should buy this gun over any other Airmix or Air Assisted Airless (AAA) on the market:

  1. Highest Transfer Efficiency for Air Assisted Airless guns!  Testing has shown this gun to have a higher TE at sites and independent test results have shown this to have the highest non-electrostatic TE vs other manual guns in class. 
  2. Aircoat Tips are reversible for easy purging. Tips are less than other name brands! 
  3. No wearing O-rings and seals under the air-cap!  No expensive tip seals and o-rings to constantly maintain. The hardened plastic seals last and are $6.00 Ea or $9.00 Ea to replace. Making the cost to maintain this gun very inexpensive.