T93R Contractor Series Reversible Tips

T93R Contractor Series Reversible Tips

The T93R is available in 145 fan width/orifice combinations so you can match the right tip to every coating you spray. The chart below lists all available sizes. 5000 PSI (345 BAR)

Tritech T93R Tip

Hand-Tight Nut

The hand-tight nut on the T93R Guard has large knurls for sure grip - and it’s hex shaped so you can easily use a wrench if necessary. Part 200-999 and 200-998

Seal Alignment

The patented tip seal has a square opening that fits on the end of the tip handle. This unique feature allows you to easily insert the seal into the guard. Then simply twist the tip handle to line up the seal cavity accurately to receive the tip shaft. Quick, accurate installation EVERY TIME!

These 5,000 PSI reversible airless paint sprayer tips will achieve a quality spray coating in various patterns and orifice combinations. Whether you require this standard or need a fine finish pre-atomizer version for your airless spray equipment, you can find the exact reversible paint spray tips to solve all your fluid dynamic requirements. There are over 100 different spray angle and orifice size combinations to get the right tip for the job.

Reversible paint spray tips will eliminate downtime by easily clearing a blockage by spraying through the tip while it is in the reverse position. Even when using the correct paint filters with your airless spray equipment, clogs will still occur at your spray tips which can be costly to shut down and inefficient. In addition, reversible airless paint sprayer tips can be easily changed in seconds without having to remove the tip guard or adjusting any of your finishing equipment. Additional sprayer tips are available upon request and 1/8” ID to 3/4" ID airless paint sprayer hose in stock.

TriTech T93R Tip Sizing

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