Wagner EvoMotion 40-15

The high-pressure piston pumps from Wagner are designed for airless and Aircoat applications. Self-adjusting packings and a thick hard chrome plated stainless steel fluid section ensure durability regardless of the material used. The packing-free, anti-stalling pilot valve is always fed by full air pressure, regardless of the adjusted working pressure, to guarantee high-speed inversions and optimal performance.

The WAGNER EvoMotion 40-15 high-pressure piston pump in a new shape: Turned upside-down and combined with a 5 L hopper, it ensures maximum application efficiency and material savings - even with viscous material.

  1. Up to 40% reduction in solvent consumption and material waste during color changes and flushing.
  2. A sturdy Support start allows for easy portability.
  3. Operation panel - The spray-pack is equipped with a panel front to adjust the main operating parameters with high user-friendliness.
  4. Suction system - Intake system with 5 L hopper to ensure reduced volume of suction circuit and immediate priming of the pump. The gravitation facilitates working with viscous material. Ideal for small quantities of paint or frequent color changes
  5. Comes with Wagner GM4700 Gun for maximum transfer efficiency and finish quality!

EvoMotion 40-15 is a High-pressure piston pump, ideal for both Airless and AirCoat applications. Made of stainless steel and extremely reliable.

Perfect for Water or Solvent Based Coatings! 

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