1.5 Gallon Heated Stainless Steel Ultra Sonic Cleaner Tank

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Paint Gun and Pump Cleaning - Powder Hook Cleaning 

Ultra Sonic Powder Coat and Paint Remover is normally used full strength at temperatures between 160 degrees F and 190 degrees F. When rapid stripping is not required it may be used at room temperature. Mineral oil seal is supplied with the stripper. Strip time depends on coating type, thickness, and cure time. Strip speed may be increased with mechanical agitation (such as ultrasonic frequency) and by increasing temperature. Each increase of stripper temperature by 30 degrees F. cuts stripping time by approximately one-half. A cold or hot water rinse is usually required after stripping.

Model 1.5 gallon Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System portable, self-contained, ultrasonic cleaning system. Built for long term, continuous, reliable, precision cleaning with the following features:
  • Power Intensity Control - combined with “Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®”, extends the equipment cleaning ability to very fragile items such as semiconductor devices, wafers, and delicate glass parts
  • Automatic short/open protection – generator is protected if the output is either "short-circuited" or "open-circuited"
  • Automatic frequency/load control- provides uniform and reliable operations under all conditions of loading
  • Overheat Protection System- protects the generator from high temperatures caused by overheating due to air blockage or fan failure- LED indicator for quick reference.

TF-SONIC 33 Ultra Sonic Cleaning Fluid (5 Gallon Pail) available here.


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