Total Finishing Supplies provides you all of your mixing, dispensing and agitation needs.

Plural component systems allow you to monitor VOC, Pot Life time while providing consistent ratio assurances. We offer Plural Component and Electronic Meter Mix Systems with 2K, 3K and even 4K Mixing capabilities. 

We offer Agitation for containers of all sizes including: 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon, Totes and even custom sized tanks and containers. Agitators are offered in both gear drive and direct drive versions. For higher viscosity materials we recommend gear drive agitators.

Paint Shakers are available in quart, one gallon and five gallon sizes for both standard and hazardous locations.

Manual and Electronic Colorant Dispensers are available in both freestanding and table top versions. Colorant dispensers can be ordered in custom dispense increments ie., 1/32nd, 1/48th, 1/64th, 1/128th. Our experts in mixing, dispensing and agitation are ready to assist you! 

Liquid Spray Equipment

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