Liquid Coating Equipment - Mixing

Total Finishing Supplies provides you all of your mixing, dispensing and agitation needs.

Plural component systems allow you to monitor VOC, Pot Life time while providing consistent ratio assurances. We offer Plural Component and Electronic Meter Mix Systems with 2K, 3K and even 4K Mixing capabilities. 

We offer Agitation for containers of all sizes including: 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon, Totes and even custom sized tanks and containers. Agitators are offered in both gear drive and direct drive versions. For higher viscosity materials we recommend gear drive agitators.

Paint Shakers are available in quart, one gallon and five gallon sizes for both standard and hazardous locations.

Manual and Electronic Colorant Dispensers are available in both freestanding and table top versions. Colorant dispensers can be ordered in custom dispense increments ie., 1/32nd, 1/48th, 1/64th, 1/128th. Our experts in mixing, dispensing and agitation are ready to assist you! 

Liquid Spray Equipment

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1000 B 1000 B LIGNUM 1000 B LIGNUM 2 1000 H 1000 K 153718 20-30 Gallon 25775 29926 2K 2K Comfort 2K Mixing 2K Smart 3K Mixing 5 Gallon 5 Gallon Agitator 55 Gallon A460 Dispenser Accessories Adapter Kit adhesive aerospace Agitation agitation cup agitator AGITATOR CUP air guns Air Spray Guns applying Automatic Dispenser automotive Binks C.A. Technologies C.A. Technologies Spare Parts carlisle Carlisle Binks carlisle ransburg carpenrty carpentry Catalyzer contractor Control conversion conversion kit Coupon Eligible D23 Dispenser D24 Dispenser decorative Dispenser Double Stacker extension Fillon Technologies Fillon Technologies Belt General general industrial gravity Gravity Cups guns HERO High Pressure Pump high viscosity high viscosity nozzle Kit Lid Closer Manual Dispenser micrometer Mixer Mixer and Shaker Accessories Mixers and Shakers Mixing Mixing Lid mixing nozzle Mixing Shelves nozzle nozzle extension paint guns paint spray guns Painters and Mixers parts Plural Component pressure pressure cup Pressure Feed Gun pressure gauge Pressure Pot Quart Adapter ransburg Roller Conveyor RP RP D S2160M Mixer S2180 Mixer S2400 Mixer S2650 Shaker S2700 Shaker SATA SATA Applying SATA LIGNUM SATA LIGNUM 2 SATA parts SATA Price SATA RP SATAjet SATAjet 1000 B SATAjet 1000 B LIGNUM 2 SATAjet 1000 H SATAjet 1000 K SATAjet LIGNUM SATAjet LIGNUM 2 SATAminijet Shaker Shakers and Mixers siphon siphon cup siphon fed speciality spray guns spraying syphon syphon fed Tote Agitator Twin Control Vibrational Shaker Vortex Mixer wagner Wagner 10-70 Wagner 28-40 Wagner 35-150 Wagner 35-70 Wagner 5-60 Wagner liquid Wood Wood Finishing woodworking

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